30 Days of 10,000 Steps and Smaller Portions- Challenge Recap

As the month comes to a close, I am wrapping up my two challenges from the month of October: walking more (10,000 steps a day) and eating less (smaller portions).  One challenge was very successful and one was… not.

Smaller Portions and Limited Success

My intentions to portion out smaller helpings of food and really pay attention to serving size were sadly short lived. It’s hard to diagnose exactly where I went wrong during the month.  However, I think I have gained some perspective on how I can be more successful should I try to do this challenge again in the future.

  1. Research Portion Sizes Ahead of Time– My biggest issue with this challenge was that I was pretty clueless on how much food I should dole out on my plate. I thought it would be more intuitive, but how much we normally eat versus how much is recommended we eat is radically different!
  2. Portion out Food in Advance
  3. Consider Options When Dining Out– Rather than eating an entree, get creative by ordering smaller plates like an appetizer and dessert (might also be less expensive!)
  4. Drink More Water


Walking More 

Walking 10,000 Steps a Day was a simple healthy reset that was easy to incorporate into my everyday routine. I am pleased to report that this challenge really opened my eyes to a simple way to be more active everyday and I highly recommend it. Here are some of my major takeaways:

  • It’s easy! This challenge did not require a major change to my normal routine. It was simple to implement into my normal routine and was easy to stay on track!
  • Go the long way– Sometimes reaching my 10,000 steps was just making some simple adjustments like wandering through a park on my way to the grocery store or breaking up my day by stopping by someone’s office instead of sending them an email
  • Be less convenient– Similarly, I found that by parking in a farther spot or pacing through a few extra aisles in the store added some extra steps with minimal effort
  • Find a friend– This challenge was fun because it allowed me to get others involved
  • Discover new places– During this month I was fortunate to visit Northern California and got to enjoy some lovely walks on beaches, seasides and forests.
  • Enjoy the moment– My biggest takeaway that I discovered from this challenge is that when you slow down and walk somewhere, you pay more attention and feel more present and in the moment.

Overall Enjoyment in Challenges:

  • Smaller Portions– 5/10. This challenge was admittedly more frustrating than fun
  • 10,000 Steps– 9/10. Very enjoyable!  Who knew walks could be so rewarding?

Success in Completing Challenges:

  • Smaller Portions– D+ (I tried, sort of, until I didn’t want to anymore)
  • 10,000 Steps– B+, I had some days I couldn’t get quite to 10,000 steps but the intention was always there…

Likelihood in Continuing Challenges:

  • Smaller Portions– Low (but I will probably try it again sometime in the future)
  • 10,000 Steps– HIGH! I will absolutely try to continue to walk 10,000 steps a day. This was a fun and simple challenge to incorporate into my life.

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