Walking More, Eating Less

Walking More

At my typical pace, walking 10,000 steps a day is equivalent to about 4 miles.  Prior to embarking on my 30 Day Walking Challenge I would average around 3000 steps a day and I wasn’t certain if it would feel like a significant change in my daily routine to add the additional steps.


It has been amazing to discover that getting to 10,000 steps a day often doesn’t so much as alter my normal routine so much as enhance it.  Sometimes it might be a quick walk through a park or a slight detour to go the long way to get to my car or a longer walk through the grocery store.

Eating Less


I have also been attempting to eat smaller portions in my meals.  This has proven to be surprisingly difficult, not because eating smaller portions leaves me feeling hungry, but rather because it is hard to be diligent about actually plating smaller portions.  Old habits die hard, and I find myself just operating on auto pilot, scooping large spoonfuls of pasta and placing large servings of chicken or steak on my plate.  Additionally, eating out is incredibly challenging and has made me very aware of the large portion sizes at restaurants.


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