Hello and thanks for visiting my page! My name is JJ and I am a relative newcomer to the world of blogging.  I live in Orlando, which satisfies my love for theme parks, sunshine and nearby beaches.

This blog will track 30+ challenges that I have set aside for myself, that will be completed over a minimum of 30 days.  From exercise to eating right to being more mindful, my hope is that these challenges ultimately push me slightly outside my comfort zone in an effort to make me a better me.

Let’s see… other stuff to talk about…I am an on-again, off-again long distance swimmer and my shining life achievement is that this one time I swam the 12.5 miles around the island of Key West.  I wrote a blog about my training for my swim that you can read here if you have any interest in the matter.

When I am not swimming, I like to cuddle with my 19 lb puggle (a pug beagle mix). I love scuba diving and am most at peace under water or at the beach, although a walk through the woods is also a pretty decent stress reliever.  I work in the museum industry and can’t seem to help myself from visiting museums wherever I travel… it’s a sickness, really.  I am a self proclaimed science nerd. I make homemade postcards and occasionally send them to friends and loved ones just for fun. I love food, not just cause it’s essential to life but also because it tastes good. Good food makes life more delicious.