Running Recap- Week 1

I have successfully completed my first week of running.  It took virtually no time at all upon beginning this challenge for me to remember that i do not enjoy running.  My running has been mediocre at best. My motivation has been minimal.


Here are my takeways from my first week:

  • Consistency > Exertion– Each day, I keep my runs very punctuated around 20-25 minutes and I split it into intervals of about 1 minute run/walk.
  • Find a Running Buddy– We had suspicions that our new dog- who chases imaginary bugs and zips around the house with incredible energy– would love to run, and I have pleasantly discovered that he is a delightful running partner.  It makes my runs entertaining and helps distract me from the physical monotony that I find with running.
  • Listen to Your Body– When my feet hurt, I stretch. When my shins hurt, I walk.  My goal through this is to improve my fitness and part of that is recognizing my physical needs.

Through this process, I hope that I find my joy in running, improve my fitness level,  and stay consistent to complete the 30 days.


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