Post-Hurricane Irma and Getting Back on Track

Without question, the 2017 Hurricane Season will not be forgotten for quite a while and names like Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria will live in infamy.  As I write this post, Hurricane Maria is wreaking havoc on Puerto Rico and it is honestly hard to write any sort of reflection piece about Hurricane Irma when I consider the difficult conditions others are having to face from the brutal storm.  It is frustrating how powerless mother nature can make us feel but it is an equally powerful reminder at how resilient the human spirit can be to rebuild and bounce back.


Hurricane Irma started making headlines early in September as she careened across the Atlantic Ocean. By September 6th, anxiety levels were collectively heightened as spaghetti models started to show her path towards the Virgin Islands, Cuba and Florida.


In the coming days, projections would shift every hour, showing her projected path further East, then across the state, or to the Gulf.  It was a reminder that while advanced technology and models have helped predict and prepare, there is still a stressful amount of unpredictability.

In the days after the hurricane around my neighborhood, there were down power lines, fallen trees and many homes were without power.  Watching the news from other parts of the state and Caribbean Islands, it was clear that many areas were not as lucky.

Needless to say, the last few weeks of hurricanes have taken a toll on my motivation. As I return to my own normalcy, I will resume my 30 Day Challenges and look forward to getting back on track.


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