Adventures in Shopping

Today was an interesting adventure in food shopping…

I had a coupon for $10 off if I spent $50 on food and beverage at Target by today.  Since I had already spent all but about $4 of this week’s budget, in order to do effectively take advantage of the coupon, I made the decision to use the allocated cash I had set aside for next week towards today’s purchase.

I generally do not shop at Target for food, so my first discovery was the rather disappointing selection of fresh produce.  I managed to find a bag of salad, mushrooms and onions but had to focus the rest of my attention on frozen and packaged foods.

I got my cart to the checkout, only to discover that it did not actually contain $50 of food/beverage (in part because my beer, paper towels and cleaning materials did not qualify for the coupon) and decided to do some more searching.  After scouring the aisles for deals, I had success and was able to use the coupon (which was a huge savings).


However, it means for the rest of this week and next I have $1.87, so this will be an interesting adventure and I hope I bought enough supplies and food to last!

I am very pleased and excited that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and beyond spending time with the family and eating yummy food, I am also quite relieved for the opportunity of leftovers.


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