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30 Days of Fitness Recap 

This was not a very successful challenge. The month started great. I was motivated. Active. And I found a lot of great workouts 

But then distractions abounded… Between the holidays, planning for our cross country road trip and packing my desire to workout reached a stalemate. 

I will revisit this challenge later

Up next (in 3 days!) is my road trip from Florida to California. I will update on my adventure. 

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30 Days of Fitness

December marked the beginning of a new 30 Day Challenge.  30 Days of Fitness.  The intended outcomes are fairly straight forward: get fit, develop good fitness habits, try some new types of workouts.

The Rules:

  • Work out for at least 30 minutes each day, every day for 30 days
  • Diversify workouts with swimming, cardio, weights, stretching, running and anything else that catches my fancy