30 Day Challenge Recaps

The last couple of months have been especially quiet here on the blog.  The departure was predicated first by the simple (and rather lame) excuse of getting busy with work, life and other things.  But I also stumbled into a bit of a rut with my 30 Day Challenges, where instead of enjoying them as a fun or inspiring experience, I started to find them tedious. 

As a quick overall recap, in August, I set out to become more informed and specifically focused on reading up on more current events. In September, I spent my 30 days trying to eat more salads. And in October, I faced my fears in an effort to overcome them.

Attempting to get informed and reading up on the news in August quickly became exhausting and quite frankly depressing.  September’s challenge of integrating more salads into my diet got kind of boring and October’s challenge to face my fears was downright stressful. Overall, I am glad that I took each of the challenges on, but by the time I got to November, I was ready for a fun, inspiring challenge to break up the 30 Day Challenge doldrums I was starting to feel.

For November, I spent my 30 days on a 30 day drawing challenge.  My goal was to draw something everyday. In some cases, it was just a simple sketch and other days I was able to produce some fairly elaborate drawings that I am quite pleased with.

This was exactly the challenge I needed after my lackluster set of months.  Above all, my 30 Day Drawing Challenge reinvigorated my passion for drawing and pleasure in 30 Day Challenges. 

Overall Enjoyment in 30 Days of Drawing Challenge- 10/10

Success in Completing 30 Days of Drawing Challenge- A

Likelihood to Continue- Very Likely

As I enter December, I look forward to beginning a new 30 day routine, which will focus on Hygge (the Danish art of comfort and coziness) and practicing handlettering.

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