30 Days Getting Informed

With the start of August, I began a new 30 Day Challenge to get informed.  My inspiration for this challenge came from a couple different places.  During my last 30 Day Challenge- Plastic Free July I learned a lot about how to reduce my plastic consumption and how to reduce my overall carbon footprint.  Through that challenge, I felt inspired to continue to learn more about things that I am passionate about like environmental issues and conservation efforts.  I also want to focus this month on getting more informed to try and make sense of current events and local/national politics.

For this challenge, I started by making a list of some specific topics that I want to learn more about to become more informed.

  • Media Sources- accuracy, biases, and research
  • Preparation for Primary/General Mid-Term elections and Research on Candidates
  • Local and State Issues and Policies
  • Current Events
  • Historical Trends (politics, events, societal influences)
  • Climate Change- Effects, Research, and Impacts
  • Environmental Issues and Impacts
  • Plastic
  • Recycling Efforts
  • Composting


Part of this process has been to better understand the information we are exposed to on a daily basis to try and assess where biases exist in media and how to try and best interpret all of the readily-available information.

For this effort, I started by doing a mini-experiment where I tracked the headlines of the main cable news networks for 3 days.  From there, I compiled the headlines into individual word clouds.  While, this is by no means hard-hitting research, it definitely helped expose some of the biases each network has.


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