30 Days of Sunsets and Plastic-Free July

During the month of June, I spent 30 days trying to capture photographs of sunsets.  I love the way sunsets fill the sky with warm colors and create a burst of sunlight before it dips below the horizon.  Over the course of the month, I had a chance to visit a couple places in Florida as well as Colorado and Utah. This challenge was a wonderful way to celebrate and examine the diversity of nature and get outside.


Following the sunsets for a month provided me with a few discoveries and epiphanies.

  • The sun waits for no one. This challenge was a helpful reminder that sometimes you can’t stick to your timeline if you want to see something special.
  • Weather isn’t always a deal-breaker. Weather is an ever-unpredictable force but some of my favorite sunsets I found were during less-than-perfect weather.
  • The sun doesn’t set in the East.  But I also discovered that it doesn’t always set in ‘true’ west either.
  • There is always a new day. There were days when either I didn’t time the sunset well or there just wasn’t a very nice sunset due to weather or clouds but each new day was a new opportunity.
  • Overall Challenge Enjoyment: 9/10
  • Success in Completing Challenge: A-
  • Likelihood in Continuing: Very Likely

This challenge gave me a newfound appreciation for being outside and enjoying nature.  For my new 30 day challenge, I will be attempting to be Plastic Free in July and I hope my appreciation for the beautiful places I have seen in June will help serve as inspiration and motivation to be a better environmental steward.

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