Whole 30 Update

I have been on the Whole 30 Diet for the last 13 days.  To summarize, that means that I have not had rice, bread, grains, pasta, dairy or processed sugar for the last 13 days.  It also means that I am now passed the dreaded Day 10/11 hurdle that often is considered some of the hardest days in the program.


Day 10 and 11 are often described as the hardest days in Whole 30 because you haven’t reached the halfway point, but the newness of the program has well subsided.  It is often when food cravings start hitting and energy levels start to drop, and because of this it is easy for motivation to wane.  This is a great article from Thrive Live blog on how to keep from falling off the Whole 30 wagon during those days.

For me, what I found was that my energy level did slump a bit during those days and I definitely found myself fantasizing about some of my favorite not-Whole 30-approved foods but more than anything, focusing on the foods that I can eat and really emphasizing freshness in ingredients and creative dishes has really helped keep me motivated.

I think in an upcoming post, I will delve into some of my favorite dishes/ingredients I have discovered. Here’s to the next 17 days of the program!

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