5 Lessons Learned from 30 Days of Waking Up Early

After 30 days of waking up early, I am still not a morning person. I still don’t enjoy waking up early and every early morning is still a struggle for me. But, overall this challenge was enlightening and something I encourage anyone to try.

Here are my 5 major lessons and takeaways from the past 30 days of waking up early:

  1. Breakfast is Better– Prior to this challenge, I would almost never eat breakfast, and in the rare instance that I did eat a breakfast, it was almost hurried and not very intentional. This challenge made me think about what I was eating and provided me the time to devote to making and eating a healthy and well balanced breakfast.
  2. Sleep is a Priority… This is such an obvious part of waking up early but it never stopped being a challenge. If you want to wake up early, you have to go to bed early. It is so easy to try and shortchange yourself on sleep, especially when waking up early.
  3. Mornings can be more Mindful– The best part of this challenge was being able to prioritize my schedule to make my mornings more efficient.  Prior to this challenge, my mornings were a rush to get out the door, which set the tone for the rest of the day.  By tapping into time that was previously underutilized, it gave me time to think, plan my day, work out and just focus for a few uninterrupted minutes before I jumped into the rest of my day.
  4. Meditation Matters… Going to bed early was just as challenging as waking up early, but something I discovered was the power of meditation.  By taking ten minutes at the end of my day, I focused on calming my brain to ready it for sleep, which helped me fall asleep faster.
  5. Routines aren’t Routine.  While building a morning routine, I found that simply by carving out time in the morning, it doesn’t have to lock you in to one singular routine. I found that some mornings I would work out, while other mornings I would meditate.  I also found a rather unusual trend to spruce up my morning routine, with the shower orange– where you eat an orange in the shower, which is supposed to invigorate your senses.


Overall Enjoyment in the Challenge: 7/10 (The physical act of waking up early was not my favorite, but the additional time in the morning was enjoyable)

Success in Completing the Challenge: C+ (There were some mornings that I opted to just not wake up early)

Likelihood in Continuing Challenge: Moderate


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