30 Days of Puggles and Poetry

The last few months of challenges were a departure from my typical 30 Day Challenges.  Rather than focus on a specific goal that might emphasize a change or improvement in my lifestyle, fitness or diet I really just went with some rather silly challenges to round out the summer.

In July, I decided to spend 30 days celebrating my dog on Instagram.  For thirty days, I documented the goofy faces, sleepy expressions, and daily discoveries made by my 19 lb puggle (pug-beagle mix).

The inspiration for the challenge originated with the uncomfortable realization that this special animal will not be in my life forever. At 14 years old (or ~100 dog years), I recognize that his time on earth may be limited and the challenge served as a nice reminder to enjoy my time with him.

In August, I attempted to channel my untapped creativity with 30 days of Haiku, where everyday I would write a haiku poem about an observation or discovery about the day.  I was attracted to the simple structure (5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables) of a haiku poem. While I am certainly not a poet, I did enjoy exploring seeing and documenting the world in a different way.

Overall Enjoyment in Challenges:

  • Puggle Photos– 10/10, who doesn’t love taking silly/goofy/random photos of their dogs?
  • Haiku– 8/10, there were days that I struggled putting together anything in the haiku format, but the challenge itself was a lot of fun.

Success in Completing Challenges:

  • Puggle Photos– B
  • Haiku– B

Likelihood in Continuing Challenges:

  • Puggle Photos– High (In full disclosure, I already take an alarmingly high amount of photos of my dog…)
  • Haiku– Moderate

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